Here Are Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about our Company.

We are 95% more likely to reach our goals when we pursue them in a group setting. We are also more likely to exceed those goals when we have the assistance of experts and knowledgeable guides. The 6-month “Let’s Write” program will provide the knowledge, accountability, and structure that authors need in order to be successful and see their projects through to the end.

The time it takes to complete a book manuscript varies from person to person. Many variables must be taken into consideration such as; how much time you are willing to contribute to writing daily, whether or not you are willing to modify your daily schedule and commitments to facilitate this task, and events that occur outside of your control that may affect your progress. Books can be completed in as little as 90 days in some cases. 

Our 6-month program for authors, “Let’s Write” will provide you with thorough instructions on how to avoid illegal defamation and still get your story and message across accurately.

We do not offer transcription services; however, you may find a credible transcriber through a simple Google search or by using Reedsy or Fiverr.com. 

The “Open Book Writer’s Group” is not a publishing service; however, we do prepare your completed manuscript for publishing within our 6-month program.

Your options are numerous; Barnes and Noble Press, Ingram Spark, Amazon, independent faith-based retailers and your personal website to name a few!

We do not guarantee this end result, however getting your book on shelves is not as difficult as some may believe. Often times it’s as simple as asking a store owner or manager!

Royalty payments are the percentage of a book sale that you receive after printing cost have been deducted by the publisher/printer (i.e., Barnes and Noble Press, Amazon KDP, etc.). Royalty payments are typically issued to the author on a monthly basis via direct deposit to the bank account listed on your author account/profile. Royalties are paid differently if you sale from your personal website. Many authors prefer to do this as it often ensures higher profits from sales.

A pre-order is an order for an item that has not yet been made available with the understanding that it will be shipped at a later date. While pre-orders are optional, we highly recommend them, especially for new authors. Pre-orders are great for audience engagement, they give the author the needed time to tie up any loose ends from their book project (last minute edits, final changes, final cover etc.), before the book is released, and can help increase initial sales. 

Open Book Writer’s Group currently works with nonfiction authors exclusively. This excludes children’s books, however Reedsy and Fiverr are excellent resources to use for children’s book illustration. 

Yes there are! You can invest in yourself for the full amount of $2,300, or in three monthly installments of $790. You can also invest $475 per class. However, you will save money when you invest in yourself for the full amount.

At this time, scholarships are not available.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Send an email to info@openbookwritersgroup.com