Core Ideology

Core Values

1. Accountability: We will never be “lone rangers.” We will always give an account of our actions.

2. Compassion: Our genuine concern to see people live out their dreams, vision and purpose will motivate them to write and finish their book.

3. Integrity: We live up to our responsibilities and commitment to the success of our students, employees and contractors.

4. Leadership: We will help our students to translate their vision into reality. In addition to effectively communicating our priorities and inspire them to commit to those goals as well.

5. Professionalism: We will operate at a high level of competence and skill that will surpass the expectations of our students, employees and contractors.

Core Purpose

To empower every author’s passion for literacy and the written word. To help them focus on the composition of impactful and well-researched manuscripts from beginning to end.


To see our students become prolific writers and established entrepreneurs that will change the mindset of our society through their books.


To ensure writers become well-rounded authors, publish manuscripts, and create business opportunities through the foundation of authorship. To ensure authors sharpen their writing and communication skills, learn to connect with their organic audience, and build strong business acumen through marketing, sales, public relations and the application of biblical principles.


To provide our students with spirit-led teachers, coaches and consultants committed to their individual progress and productivity that will help them excel as professional authors.